San Antonio, Texas, is filled with must-see places and events. From hitting up River Walk for shopping along the water to heading to popular sites, such as The Alamo or Six Flags Fiesta Texas, there is never a dull moment in this city. All you need to do is pack the gang in the car and go.

However, as reliable as our Honda models may be, they need some extra care every now and then. If you suspect there is something wrong with your set of wheels, it’s time to seek out auto repair near San Antonio, Texas. At the Northside Honda Service Center, we can ensure your vehicle runs smoothly and remains safe. But, how do you know if you need Honda service?

Check Engine Light

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5 Warning Signs You Need Auto Repair

Honda models and other vehicles are great at letting us know when something is wrong. The next time you’re behind the wheel, look out for these signs. They may indicate that it’s time to schedule maintenance services!

  1. Dashboard Lights: Your vehicle comes with an intuitive diagnostics system that will tell you if it isn’t running correctly. Even though many lights can illuminate on your dash, there are a couple to keep an eye out for. If you see these lights, make sure to call an authorized service center:
  • Check Engine Light
  • Battery Light
  • Anti-Lock Brake Light
  • Oil Pressure Light
  1. Leaks: If you see a leak under your vehicle, it’s time to have your vehicle checked. Why? Well, when there’s a pool of liquid underneath your car, it could mean there’s an issue with your transmission, power steering, or cooling system. When you see a leak, call our service department.
  2. Odd Smells: When you’re driving, do you smell an unusual odor? Whether it’s in your cabin or coming from under the hood, pay attention to it. Sweet smells could mean there is an issue with your cooling system, while burning smells can be from a faulty transmission. Make sure you get them checked out to prevent any major issues.
  3. Vibrations: It’s normal for your drive to feel a little bumpy if you’re driving on an unpaved road, through rocky terrain, or when the weather is bad. However, if you’re feeling excessive vibrations on paved roads, it’s time for an appointment. These vibrations could be caused by an alignment or power steering issue, which should be taken care of right away.
  4. Noises: While your vehicle should make some noise as it’s working, strange sounds are usually a warning sign. If you’re hearing a grinding or squealing noise as you stop, your brakes likely need to be looked at. If you notice a knocking or rumbling under the hood, your engine or transmission could be the culprit.

Receive Professional Auto Repair near San Antonio TX

If you’ve noticed any of the above warning signs or think there could be an issue with your vehicle, the team at the Northside Honda Service Center is here to help. In our state-of-the-art facility, our certified technicians will assess any issues, diagnose the problem, and fix it up, so you can hit the road safely once again.

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