Honda Engine Repair near San Antonio, Texas

Thumbs Up to ServiceWhen you’re in need of Honda engine repair near San Antonio, Texas, the spot to mark on your map is Northside Honda. With a state-of-the-art service center and Honda-trained technicians, they are more than capable of repairing your Honda engine in a timely manner.

How We’re Going to Fix Your Engine

Service working on engineIt’s important to maintain regular service on your vehicle. Otherwise, issues can occur—especially regarding your car’s engine. Depending on what level of damage has been inflicted on the engine, we may either opt for a complete rebuild or install a new engine entirely.

During a rebuild, we remove the engine from the vehicle and disassemble it completely. Once it is broken down into individual parts, we clean and inspect them for specific points of injury. Following that, we replace the damaged parts with new parts. Such parts as gaskets, seals, and lubricants that have been used in the assembly of the new engine have been chosen to meet original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards.

It usually takes one to two weeks for an engine repair, depending on the severity of the repairs needed.  Once it is completed, you’ll enjoy a rejuvenated vehicle that’s had its life extended by the repair. Performance levels can even be back as they were before the engine issues began.

What Are Some Signs I Need Engine Repair?

Check Engine LightDrivers in San Antonio, TX, might be going around unaware of the issues brewing within their vehicle’s engine. However, some problems give more obvious signals than others. Here, we’ll highlight some ways for you to catch a problem with your engine before it develops into a major issue:

  • Leaks: Any time you find fluids leaking from the front end of your vehicle, you should bring it to the attention of a technician. Everything from oil leaks, coolant leaks, and more can all have negative effects on the health of the engine.
  • Decreased Fuel Efficiency: If you notice that your vehicle’s fuel efficiency is abnormal, it could be the result of various factors. However, since the engine is involved, we encourage you to bring your car in for a diagnostics check.
  • Check Engine Light Illuminated: This is the most obvious sign that you’ve got some form of engine issue. This light is the vehicle telling you that it senses something is wrong and you need to bring it in for service before the issue escalates.
  • Increased/Colored Exhaust Smoke: An increased amount of exhaust smoke, specifically colored smoke, usually indicates issues in the motor. For example, blue smoke typically means that oil is being burnt inside the engine.
  • Knocking Noise: When a knocking noise occurs under the hood, it is often a clear indicator of worn-out engine bearings. It is best to bring it in for us to replace the bearings to keep your car’s engine healthy.

Why Should You Get Your Engine Serviced?

It’s simple—if your vehicle’s engine is healthy, your driving experience will continue to be uncompromised and enjoyable. All it takes is one minor issue to blossom into something much more drastic, costing you valuable time and money. We encourage a regular diagnostic check every few months at our service center.

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